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“One of Rick’s latest creations is the Alaska Electronic Orchestra. The results are intriguing…jazz meets fusion meets house meets Brian Eno. It is an innovation well worth supporting. I for one am very interested in seeing where this takes him, … and us.”

—Robert Sewell

Radio host of “Take Five” a long-running weekly jazz show on Public Radio, Juneau, Alaska on KRNN.org

Rick Zelinsky is a saxophone and woodwind artist, composer, and electronic music producer and educator based in Anchorage, Alaska. He is also a Yamaha Saxophone Performing Artist. Please contact for booking. 

Rick’s newest project is the Alaska Electronic Orchestra ensemble that features beautiful acoustic, electronic and nature sounds and conditions while featuring world-class Alaskan musicians to perform with Rick’s saxophones and electronics  

“Rick Zelinsky’s Alaska Electronic Orchestra series has been a vibrant and engaging addition to the Alaskan arts community. The collaboration with different artists lends to a fresh stream of fascinating musical compositions and performances, and parents have been thrilled that Rick invites their students to participate in the opening segments of the concerts.”

—Karl Pasch, Principal Clarinetist with the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra and owner of The Music Man


“I had the pleasure twice of going to Alaska electronic Orchestra concerts. Every time it was with a different lineup, except Rick Zeinsky on saxophones. It was always a very involving, great sounding show, with unexpected sonic gems, great improvisations, and very good lighting! You don’t want to miss it! I hope to see more of these shows this coming season.”

-Peter Ratner, owner and chief sound engineer of Peter Ratner Recording


“Performing with the Alaska Electronic Orchestra gave me a great opportunity to experience and perform in a new style of electronic vibe. It gave me enough of a taste that I would like to continue with it and make more great music. It was one of my best experiences of my life performing and collaborating with the Alaska Electronic Orchestra.”

-Lena Lukina, violist with the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra and solo artist


“I had the privilege of being the house sound and recording sound engineer for all but the final concert in the series. Because of my role, I was able to hear the evolution in complexity and accessibility of his original music as it was performed over time in solo presentation and in duets with viola, guitar, trumpet and reed flute. His use of electronic backing tracks mixed with natural sounds became more essential, and were refined to his compositions. To my knowledge, there is no one else exploring this as a compositional and improvisational jazz medium in Alaska.

Another essential part of each concert was what I came to consider “the opening act.” Rick invited his students to bring their instruments to each performance. He would invite the students to unpack their horns (trumpets, various size saxophones, and trombones are the instruments I remember), and he would lead them through an improvisational exercise with an electronic backing track accompanying them. It was fascinating to watch and hear the students begin cautiously, and then become more musically bold in their playing under his guidance.”

-Lucy Peckham, Owner & Head Sound Engineer at Both Ears Live Sound


“I have been an avid fan of Rick Zelinsky’s live jazz performances for many years. Rick and his bandmates are always utterly polished, professional, and musically exciting. Rick’s Alaska Electronic Orchestra concerts are particularly unique, creative and engaging; a great new offering in the local live music scene.”
David Hagen


Alaska Chamber Singers


“Rick Zelinsky explores new sonic landscapes through the AEO series. It is especially gratifying to see him involve school age musicians to participate with him in the creative craft and concert experience.”

Mark Wolbers, DMA

UAA Emeritus Professor of Music

Conductor, Anchorage Community Concert Band 



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